Dalia Raudonikytė With is a composer, pianist and educator. She graduated from the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy with a Master of Music in composition and piano education. After receiving a grant from The Research Council of Norway, she continued her studies for two years in composition and electroacoustic music at Norwegian Academy of Music.

Dalia R. With’s body of work spans the range of instrumentations, from compositions for solo instruments and chamber ensembles to pieces for symphony orchestra, as well as her music in the electroacoustic realm. Her music has been premiered and performed in concerts and music festivals across Europe, the United States, and Russia.

In recent years, her projects have expanded to include compositions for electronics with instruments, multichannel and surround sound installations, music concrete collages, and collaborations with video artists. She focuses on exploring nuances and the phenomenon of sound, approaching sound from a variety of multi-disciplinary angles including the visual arts, literature, philosophy, computer programing and ethnography.

This innovating and contemporary context enables composer to blur genre boundaries and create works combining philosophical ideas and maxims from great literature with traditional instrumental technique. She seeks to illuminate the idea of how the physicality of text in score expands the thoughts of performers, and effects and encodes their perception, interpretation and reproduction of musical sound. This relationship between sound, thought and time bridges our identities, memories and legacy.

Selected works

“Colors” for symphony orchestra (1996)

“Cranes covered with snow” for chamber orchestra (1996)

“Missa brevis” for mixed choir and organ (1993)

“The Circle of time” for clarinet and piano (1994)

“Old windmill” for string quartet (1997)

“Salio” for piano solo (1999)

“Multimodis” for violin and organ (2002)

“Ventus I" for alto saxophone and electronics (2002)

“Ventus II" for alto saxphone and electronics (2004)

“FCH” for piano solo (2007)

“FCH II” for piano solo (2007)

“Idem non semper idem” for alto saxophone solo (2009)

“In brevi” audio/visual project (2011)

“Astra” for violin solo (2012)

“Non nova, sed nove” for voice and viola (2011)

“Vernissage” sound installation for art exhibition (2012)

“We and the sea” for mezzo soprano, violin, piano and electronics (2013)

“You enlightened me” for voice and piano (2014)

“Sviflo” for flute and piano solo (2015)

“Ad luce” for piano solo (2015)

"Everything passes" for alto saxophone ans voice (2016)

"De die in diem" for two flutes and two pianos (2016)

"Sister of Wisdom" for voice, electronics 5.1 and video by Lili White (2017)

"Solitarius" for clarinet solo (2017)

"Ad fontes" audiovisual surround sound composition (2017)

"Primo cum lumine solis" for guitar solo (2017)