dECEMBER 21@7PM, Biermanngarden Oslo,Norway

Kristin Norderval performs "she and her four shadows" for voice, guitar&programming (Kevin Ramsay) and electronics (Dalia R. With) WP

DEcember 9@7pm, Spectrum, 70 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Daniel Lippel performs "Primo cum lumine solis" for guitar solo

July16@5PM,  Harvestworks 596 Broadway, New York

CD release event "Solitarius in 5. 1" during the  New York Electronic Art Festival.

July 7, NEW FOCUS RECORDINGS release "Solitarius"

April 24@7PM, The DiMenna Center, Mary Flagler Cary Hall, MATA Festival, New York

Daniel Lippel performs "Primo cum lumine solis" for guitar solo

April 9@7PM, SpectrumNYC

"Primo cum lumine solis" is being premiered by Daniel Lippel (guitar)

“That shadow had never left me all this time, it lay over my mind day and night. Perhaps its dark outline also lies over the pages of this work. But in the last resort, every shadow is also the child of light, and only those who have known the light and the dark, have seen war and peace, rise and fall, have truly lived their lives.” (Stefan Zweig)

March 17@7PM, Harvestworks 596 Broadway, New York


“Sonorous Vision of Wisdom” is an experimental collaboration between composer Dalia Raudonikyte With, and visual artist Lili White. The journey started with St. Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), her philosophy, music and art. Dalia With wrote, Sister of Wisdom,  an electroacoustic, surround-sound composition for a female voice, performed by Gisburg, and filmmaker, Lili White, was inspired to make an accompaning video. This evening will also include films by Lili White and music by Dalia With, including the world premiere of “Ad fontes”.




July 22-October 5, "In brevi" an audio-visual composition in collaboration with Ewa Jacobsson at the Bronx-Breeze Gallery (New York)

November 14, Premiere of "You Enlightened Me" for voice and piano, Contemporary Music Festival "Is Arti" (Lithuania)

“Sister of Wisdom” (voice and electronics) performed by Gisburg, sound production at Harvestworks Studio (New York)

“Everything passes” (alto saxophone, voice and electronics) commissioned by Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (Norway) 

“De die in diem” (2 flutes and 2 pianos) commissioned by “Duo Sensible” and “AnMira”  (Lithuania)